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Beautiful Sister

My beautiful and talented sister was sweet enough to let me photograph her while we were standing around in Maine one day…goodness, she is so beautiful, huh?  She is quite the crafter.  Check out her website:

Poolside Test Shoot

This weekend I got together with a few friends and we pulled together this summertime test shoot by a lovely pool in Long Beach.  Our model was Heather Ann Davis, who is mostly an actress these days, but was gracious enough to lend us her beauty for the afternoon, makeup was by Veronica Chanel, wardrobe styling was by Wade Parkins, and hair styling by Steven Perlin.

Sponsor Giveaway on **Happiness Is…**

Shannon from the fantastic inspirational blog, **Happiness Is…** is giving away this incredible dress!  Click here for the entry details and to take another look (with more views!) of the sweet La Tour Eiffel dress by Shabby Apple pictured below.  So cute…

The perfect weekend.

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Derek and I went to Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs for the weekend to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary.  Derek had been working like crazy for the last few weeks, so a relaxing weekend was exactly what he (we) needed, and it was so great to enjoy it together.  We laid by the pool for most of the time, but we also treated ourselves to a suuuper relaxing couples massage…oh man was that ever amazing.  We will definitely be back to Ace – it was very much our style.  Everything’s decorated with a vintage, hand-picked flare, and nothing is without character.  Mmm.mmm.mmm.  Love it.

Also, we started a new tradition!  Since not only did Derek propose to me with photobooth strips, but we also had a photobooth at our wedding, we are going to take a photos in a photobooth each year on our anniversary!  Lucky for us, the Ace Hotel has an old black and white photobooth in their lobby.  Meant to be.

I’m pretty sure I’m more in love with Derek now than I ever have been before.  He’s the best I could ask for.

The dream

Those of you who know me, know that I am obsessed with collecting glass bottles, jars, etc.  And many of you may have seen the recent Martha Stewart Living magazine that has some CRAZY images of a colored bottle collection…well, I am officially going to start REALLY collecting colored glass.  My collection has been so casual, but these images (see below) are just sooooo inspiring and breathtaking, I can’t help but put my love for color and glass into an actual collection.  So for those of you who are just ITCHING to get me presents (haha), you know what to get me.  ;)

(All images from here, by this talented photographer.)

Off to my anniversary weekend escape with my lovely husband!

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I look forward to our late morning adventures every day. Today we biked to South Beach Park in Santa Monica and sat on the grass, ate lunch, crawled around, practiced walking, and watched helicopters (a highlight for the wild man). He is such a special little trooper. I love him more than words can express! 😍 K, bye! 👋🏻 #venicebeach #wildercobalt #february I'm so thankful for my little family. This sweet photo of the 3 of us is from Wilder's 1 year photo shoot on the beach. He was at the end of his rope here, and starting to melt down, but who can tell? ;) #wildercobalt #venicebeach #90291 📷: @jadebrookbank Where did my baby go?! I'm so in love with this little rascal. #wildercobalt Today Wilder and I made a quick stop by my (our) happy place to say hello to a couple of our favorite gals. 💌 #urbaniclove 🐰🌿🍏
Also, this:
#wildercobalt #cheeksfordays We rode bikes to Whole Foods tonight to take Wilder's new bike seat for a spin! He LOVED it! We didn't capture it here, but he was shrieking in delight and waving at every person we passed. The sweetest! 🚴🏻👶🏼💕 #wildercobalt #babysfirstbikeride #sovenice #90291
@yeppbikeseats #yeppmini One year ago, we were bringing Wilder home from the hospital, and getting the heck out of the NICU. It was such a relief to leave all of THIS craziness and scary stuff for the comfort of our own home. Our struggles weren't over, but thankfully we never had to bring him back to the NICU, despite what the medical professionals were predicting. Our little man was, and still is, a determined little fighter! I am beyond thankful for how far we have come this last year. Watching my beautiful boy grow and learn and do more and more each day is a surreal and mind blowing experience. He is a champion! 🏆✨
#wildercobalt #instaprompt_thankful #thealbumsco #nicubaby #tbt Yesterday our sweet Wilder Cobalt turned 1. We celebrated with many of our closest friends & beloved family in the brightest and most colorful way we could! We packed a lot of folks + lots of adorable babies into our house and played, ate and celebrated our sweetheart. It was a day for the books! Thank you to all who could make it! 🎈👶🏼🌈🎉 [Special shoutout to Wilder's Nona @yrbkladycarla who surprised us!]
🎥: @emboslice_ 😘
#wildercobalt #wildercobaltturnsone One year ago this evening was when I started to feel my first pangs of labor. This sweet boy had decided he was coming a month early no matter what we wanted! That determined spirit has developed more and more through his first year, for better or for worse. ;) Tonight we went to the park for the last time before he's officially 1 year old and laughed and played. My handsome baby. The best. #wildercobalt #mommamusings #11monthsold #almost1yearold


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