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Photographic Inspiration

I am beginning to plan out a new photoshoot with a some friends!Β  It’s been wayyyy too long, and I need to begin being more intentional about shooting on a regular basis for my portfolio.Β  Here are some images that I find inspiring from a few local photographers (Ericka McConnell, Stephanie Rausser, and Thayer Gowdy).Β  The date is set for March 28th and all parties are PUMPED.Β  Here are the beautiful photos by the lovely ladies mentioned above…

By Ericka McConnell:

By Stephanie Rausser:

By Thayer Gowdy:

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Hey there, busy busy boy! πŸ‘‹πŸ» Where you off to?! πŸƒπŸΌπŸ˜ #wildercobalt #boomerang Yesterday we went to the park in between me leaving work, getting him from the babysitter's, and me having to return to work, handing him off to another sitter. It was a crazy day! But he was such a trooper. We sat on these bleachers and had a snack while watching a big kid practice soccer with his dad. Here Wilder is practicing his kicks too! βš½οΈπŸƒπŸΌ #wildercobalt Tonight was such a magical, special, classy, perfect celebration for the beloved @urbanic turning * 10 *!! I feel so beyond blessed to be a part of a place that gets to bring so much love and light into our neighborhood and beyond. #urbanicforever #andever β™‘ These last couple of weeks have been really busy, and this little guy has had to be with a lot of babysitters. I've been missing him so much, and cherishing every second we've had together just the two of us. I want him to know that I'm always always thinking of him, no matter what. This kiddo is my universe. 🌏✨ #wildercobalt #19months Brunching with my boys today at @superbafoodandbread. All the YUM! 🍴✨ #wildercobalt Yesterday marked 7 years since this happened! Can't believe how many wonderful memories we have made in the last 7 years, including, but not limited to: moving to LA, living by the beach, going on lots of camping and hiking adventures, traveling to Europe a few times, having the most amazing little kiddo we could imagine, figuring out how to be parents together (daily), and so much more, of course. So thankful to have this man as my partner in life, and can't wait to see what this next year brings us! #7years Some quality family time at IKEA! πŸ˜‚πŸššπŸ“¦ #wildercobalt #18months Today we celebrated the lovely @jilly100lc and her impending bundle of joy with the prettiest flowers, tastiest bites, the bubbliest mimosas and the craftiest project for the nursery. Such a beautiful morning! Can't wait to meet baby! #welcomebabydax This sweet little nakey babe turned 18 months today. It's insane to me that I have been a momma for A YEAR AND A HALF. What in the world...?!!! It's been a blur, but the happiest, sweetest blur I could have ever imagined. My Wilder is by far the happiest creature I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I love you, my darling boy! #wildercobalt #18months Just exploring our new little community on foot with my almost 18 month old. (Not our house behind him...he was trying to break in.) #wildercobalt #18months


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