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Photographic Inspiration

I am beginning to plan out a new photoshoot with a some friends!Β  It’s been wayyyy too long, and I need to begin being more intentional about shooting on a regular basis for my portfolio.Β  Here are some images that I find inspiring from a few local photographers (Ericka McConnell, Stephanie Rausser, and Thayer Gowdy).Β  The date is set for March 28th and all parties are PUMPED.Β  Here are the beautiful photos by the lovely ladies mentioned above…

By Ericka McConnell:

By Stephanie Rausser:

By Thayer Gowdy:

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#fbf to when my little guy was only 4 months old. He's still got those beautiful baby blues! πŸ’™βœ¨ #wildercobalt πŸ“·: @_derekhansen I can't believe that this bundle has been shaking every fiber of my life for 10 months already. Every day this kid's shrieks and squeals make me laugh, and I can't get enough. He is a super speedy crawler now, and pulls to standing on everything. He is not afraid to just dive for whatever he's got his eye on, regardless of the consequences. He is super strong-willed but also so chill all at once. Sleep is a major issue again all of a sudden, but I have faith that it's a phase, and I'm soaking in the extra snuggles while I can. This boy is my heart and soul. He's growing into the most amazing little person! #wildercobalt My little Smurf! πŸ’™ I had a meeting at Urbanic, and this sweetie behaved like a little angel in his fort under the Wedding Lounge table. #wildercobalt #tbt to a few weeks ago when the [not so little anymore] peanut turned 9 months! Golly, each day with this kid is just the greatest adventure. His giggles and squeals [accompanied by those adorable dimples] are my lifeline. I love being this boy's momma so much! #wildercobalt πŸ“· by my wonderful and talented mother-in-law @yrbkladycarla πŸ’• DJ Wild Boy spinning some sick beats this morning. πŸŽΆπŸ“» #wildercobalt This little pumpkin did great at his 9 month check up! 20 lbs and 29". πŸŽƒπŸ‘πŸ»
Sweet Wilder, I can't believe that in less than 3 months now you will be a whole year old. You are keeping me on my toes every day with your crawling, pulling up and relentless curiosity. You are currently anti-sleep, which is rough, but I suspect that the incoming teeth are to blame. (πŸ™πŸ») You're the sweetest, most amazing creature I've ever had the honor of knowing. Thanks for being you! #wildercobalt Miss Bo sharing her dolls with Wilder. He had so much fun exploring a new house with new toys and a big kid to observe! πŸ’–
#wildercobalt 🎢 Someday my prince will come... 🎢 My sweet prince riding in on his noble steed. πŸŽπŸ‘‘ #wildercobalt #disneyland #9months Thankful. I am so thankful for these two. For a husband who puts caring for his family above all else, and is happy to do it. For a son who can remind me with a little giggle or a glance how good life can be, and shows me daily how to live more adventurously. I'm just thankful for this little family that I call mine. We are a team, and it's just gonna keep getting better. 
#thealbumsco #instaprompt
+ #tbt to 2 week old Wilder, who will be 9 months on Saturday! πŸ˜§πŸ˜­πŸ’ž Perhaps it's a new exfoliation technique I'm not aware of? His skin IS crazyyyy soft... πŸ˜‚ #wildercobalt [This one is from yesterday!]


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