The end of week 1 of Experiments in Truth

Here we are, at the end of the first 7 days of our 40 day “Experiment in Truth”.

In my experience with these things (and if you know me, you know that there ALWAYS seems to be some experiential experiment like this going on in my life), I have learned that as time progresses in the project, it has a tendency to morph and change into what I may not have expected.  So here I am, keeping my eyes, ears and creative juices alert for something that may (or may not) throw me off the path that I am currently on.  All that to say…next week, there is always a possibility that my tone will not be quite as excited and optimistic!

Well, thus far, I have been LOVING this experiment (and the other two that I am participating in also).  Since I am blogging daily (and you, dear friend, are holding me to it!), I have noticed that as I go about my day, more often than not, I am examining life with my eyes wide open, instead of in the sleepy haze that I sometimes find myself in.

What are my other two experiments, you ask?

1. Exercising 3 days a week to reconnect with my body and to see if that has an effect on my spiritually.  Thus far, its been pretty much exactly that, for the most part.  I have been feeling myself connect with God in a different way while physically exerting myself.  Its beautiful.  Last year I tried something similar to this, but with yoga, and I had a very different (but good) experience.  Its interesting for me to observe–we’ll see how it pans out.

The second experiment is a meditation exercise.  This one has been challenging in the aspect that it is difficult to force myself to do it each day.  But once I’m doing it, I am enjoying learning how to settle myself and just push towards total silence within.  Perhaps I should give Rick another visit at Green Gulch across the Golden Gate for some lessons in this.  :)  At the end of each time of meditation, I write a one word journal entry to sum up any feelings, thoughts, or ideas that the Creator may have been trying to get through to me (or perhaps it is more likely to be a word that sums up my frustration because I couldn’t seem to quite get what the Creator was trying to tell me!).

If you would like to read more about this whole “Experiments in Truth” thing, go to the ReImagine site and read all about it.

Love to you all.



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When we woke up this morning, our neighbor was just getting home with some fresh donuts. Wilder said through the screen door, "good morning Mr. Joel!" And he offered Wilder a donut, to which he promptly said "I LOVE TREATS! I LOVE DONUTS!" So so nice of Mr. Joel to share his Saturday morning treat with us! #wildercobalt [In case you don't look at IG stories...this. 👆🏻]
Wilder says "my" instead of "I" when speaking about himself, and it's the cutest thing. I never want to forget some of the stuff he says right now. The way he says "momma, what's that?" about EVERY LITTLE THING to learn new words is heart melting. 💙🍦 #wildercobalt For all the stressful momma-days I have, moments like this make up for it all. Happy 4th of July weekend from this little munchkin! (Please just pretend that his shirt has red stripes instead of orange, & I will have achieved the perfect all-American boy our favorite Swedish store. 😂👌🏻🇺🇸/🇸🇪 ) #wildercobalt Oh boy oh boy did we have a ROUGH afternoon trying to achieve a nap. We were both exhausted, and it resulted in a less than lovely exchange between us. I'm ashamed of how I was acting, and I can tell he was too. The moment I said, "want to take your nap with me?", he lit up and ran into my bed, Dina in tow. He fell right to sleep and so did I. An hour later I woke up, and he's still snoozing, so peaceful. There have been a lot of days lately that I feel so out of touch with him, and it breaks my heart. This kid is my everything, and to spend an hour+ of my afternoon screaming "STAY IN YOUR BED" at him just doesn't seem right. I'm praying for wisdom and understanding on how to keep my strong and beautiful connection with my boy as he grows and matures. For now though, I'm basking in the unproductive naptime and getting my snuggles in. #wildercobalt #momtalk Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband and Wilder's amazing dad, @_derekhansen. I love being a parent with you! .
#wildercobalt #fathersday2017 This boy is loooovvviinngggg having his uncle @itssean around so much! #wildercobalt THIS big guy. Today we had an action-packed day, despite the fact that I should have been packing for our move on Saturday (just down the road to Culver City). I've been working a lot lately, and just generally really busy, and have been missing our days together that DON'T include going to the grocery store. So, that's what we did. We went to music time at Cow's End, then shared bagels, watched a movie, went for a long walk, played with some neighbor kids, and ate dinner together. He knocked out quick tonight (after some strange and new excuses I am about to post in my story). I'm so proud of my little almost 2.5 year old, his sweet little attitude makes me so happy every day. #wildercobalt Even when peonies are falling apart and on their last leg, they are still so lovely. Perhaps there's a lesson here? 🙃 You could definitely say we have stationery fever. I'm ok with it. 📝 💛🗒🖋💌 We saw the best, most beautiful shades of pink today wandering around magical NYC. Head over to @urbanic's feed for her slideshow of pink! 👛🌸💕

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