Experiments in Truth

here we are.

i am FINALLY going to get this party started!

here in san francisco, i am a part of a local community/non-profit called reimagine.  tonight began one of our yearly learning labs called “Experiments in Truth”.  here is the description:

The master invites us to rethink or reimagine our whole lives in light of the Maker’s dream of greater wholeness for our world. This Learning Lab explores the physicality of spiritual formation. If I change what I do in my mind and body, how will it effect my capacity to flow with the creators energy & love? (what I eat? How I spend my time? The media I consume? How I use my money? Who I spend my time with?) This practical workshop seeks to deal with the disparity we often feel between how we want to live and how we actually live. Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness fasting and facing his greatest shadows and temptations. Participants in this Learning Lab will engage in practices aimed at confronting our own shadows and obstacles to the spiritual life through “experiments in truth.”

one of my experiments in truth is a “creative” experiment: to begin a blog and upload one photo to it each day.  now, most of these will be via my iphone, but occasionally i will upload a shot or two from a camera other than my phone.  in addition to this “creative” experiment, i will be working on doing a little more crafting, at least 2 days a week.  i will also post my progression in that area.

please feel free to comment on anything you see here.  and check out some other people’s blogs who are posting their experiments on there!  (in the link menu bar!)

love and peace to you all,



1 Response to “Experiments in Truth”

  1. 1 Kevin Klues 25th February 2009 at 9:50 am

    One thing I always found interesting, was to keep a journal that you only write in during the first 15 minutes that you’re awake in the morning. I did this for like 4-5 weeks, and the shit you actually write in there is crazy. You barely remember writing it, and its one of those things where you think to yourself, “did I really write that?” You can’t reread it until the entire 4 weeks is up… Try it, its crazy…. (I like to call it, writing with your monkey brains).


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