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Photographic Inspiration

I am beginning to plan out a new photoshoot with a some friends!  It’s been wayyyy too long, and I need to begin being more intentional about shooting on a regular basis for my portfolio.  Here are some images that I find inspiring from a few local photographers (Ericka McConnell, Stephanie Rausser, and Thayer Gowdy).  The date is set for March 28th and all parties are PUMPED.  Here are the beautiful photos by the lovely ladies mentioned above…

By Ericka McConnell:

By Stephanie Rausser:

By Thayer Gowdy:

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Tonight @thisisderekhansen and I went on an impromptu date to the bowling alley. Nothing like a Saturday night, bowling to a little Katy Perry music, with your man. It was a good night! Did a little lounging in the sun this afternoon. ☀️ Deliciously tasty brunch today with some dear friends at Superba Food & Bread. This week we found out some somewhat startling (but not bad) news...our baby girl is instead a BOY! As you can imagine, after thinking we are having a daughter for a month, and dreaming of that life, the shock we felt hearing we would instead be having a son! We are moving past it and putting the daughter dreams on hold for a while, and dreaming up new ones for our little boy! Excited to be welcoming a sweet boy into our home in a short 19 weeks! From our walk on the beach tonight. The belly at #20weeks! Half way there, folks! Today my dad, Derek and I have been doing a little building to make space for baby in our little bungalow. It's been really hot, but it sure is awesome having my amazing dad here to help us get things done we couldn't do alone. | Saw these beauties a few houses down while walking to get us some lunch. 😊 This weekend the @urbanic team went to learn to decorate cakes at @charmcitycakeswest and had the best time ever! This was my little cake - first time I've ever watercolor painted a cake before, that's for sure! And boy is this cake tasty! 🍰 The growing bump! #19weeks Can't believe we are almost half way there! Did a little photoshoot with my sweet nephew #judeemerson in his precious nursery for his 1 week birthday. So in love. #judeandfriends Got some goodies from the @riflepaperco sidewalk sale today!


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